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※Please reserve “SIer’s Day in Aichi” from the website of FA Robot System Integrator Association.

Stage Events and Exhibition Planned by Origanizer

Special Seminars

6.30 テーマこれからのロボットの使い方

Collaborative projects with “robot digest” – web magazine specialized in industrial robots and automation systems

robot digestロゴ

Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous mobile type robot arms that expand the limit of robots have been developed one after another. The ways to use robots that were just dreams a decade ago have become realities with fast-evolving technologies. How will robots evolve and change manufacturing sites in Japan in 2030? What shall manufacturing companies work with from now to prepare for that age? Front runners who lead the industry will discuss these issues in the special session.

TIME 13:30~14:50
PLACE Special Stage (Hall D)


FANUCExecutive Managing Officer,General Manager Robot Business Division

Kiyonori Inaba

YASKAWA ElectricRepresentative Director,Senior Managing Executive Officer General Manager,Robotics Div

Masahiro Ogawa

DENSO WAVEExecutive Officer Director,FA Product Business Unit

Koji Kamiya

ABBPresident, Head of Robotics & Discrete Automation

Shuichiro Nakajima

Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryDirector, Robotics Policy OfficeManufacturing Industries BureauIndustrial Machinery Division

Mitsuhiro Oboshi

MC:robot digest chief editor Shu Yasumi

7.1 テーマSIer’s Day in 愛知

robot digestロゴ
Japan Factory Automation & Robot System Integrator Association Chairman,Kazuo Kubota

The Japan Factory Automation & Robot System Integrator Association, an organization of system integrators (SIers) of robots, will hold an event “SIer’s Day” to boost exchanges between SIers and between SIers and companies that consider the introduction of robots.

TIME 13:00~16:00
PLACE Special Stage (Hall D)


  • Opening remarks
    Japan Factory Automation & Robot System Integrator Association Chairman,Kazuo Kubota
  • Key Points for Successful Robot Introduction
  • Case Study (Sugimatsu Industry)
  • Introduction of SIer Associations / Introduction of SIer Companies / Introduction of Robot SI League (Aichi) / Introduction of Robot-related Policies (Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry)
  • Closing remarks

Please reserve “SIer’s Day in Aichi” from the website of FA Robot System Integrator Association.

7.2 新分野に学ぶロボット活用術

Robots have been more widely utilized. Usage has gone beyond the border of manufacturing and logistics service to finally expand to agricultural work and work in outer space. As in the case of general industrial robots, operation in these new fields is conducted by arms, however, their operating environments are severe, and their work is complicated. The seminars are intended to seek hints from robots in the new fields to realize more advanced automation in manufacturing and logistics service.

PLACE Special Stage (Hall D)

Special Seminar 01

大山 宗哉 氏


TIME 10:30~11:15
Co-founder & COO

Sohya Ohyama

Special Seminar 02

大山 宗哉 氏

Space Robots

TIME 11:30~12:15
founder & CEO

Mitsunobu Okada

Special Exhibition

Products, parts, videos, etc. concerning “agricultural robots” and “space robots,” the themes of the special seminars, will be exhibited in the special exhibition zone adjacent to the stage.

[Cooperation for exhibition]
PLACE Special exhibition zone

Eventplanned by organizer

6.30~7.2 産業用ロボット体験ゾーン

This is a zone to have visitors understand the charm of an Industrial robots more deeply through various games. The zone will have visitors feel the safety and easiness of use of an Industrial robot to give hints to those who are considering introduction of it or those who are seeking a new form of introduction.

PLACE Industrial Robots Experience Zone(Hall C)
Cooperation: Chubu Systems Integrator Association (BYNAS)

You can experience the operation of "Robot Trainer," an educational robot training device provided by local SIer BYNAS. This is ideal for those who are at the starting line of robot introduction, such as those who want to learn practical-level robot operation and those who have never operated a robot before but are interested in it.

Cooperation: ABB/Chubu Systems Integrator Association (STARTECHNO)

This is a corner where visitors can experience simple direct teaching using ABB's collaborative robot "YuMi”. Visitors can learn how to operate the robot intuitively without using a teaching pendant.

Cooperation : Chubu Systems Integrator Association (Kondo Seisakusho)

Compete with the latest SCARA robot to see how fast you can stack balance towers with building blocks. This is a corner where visitors can experience the robot's accuracy and speed by stacking unstable building blocks accurately and without collapsing.

Cooperation : Chubu Systems Integrator Association (Kondo Seisakusho)

This is a time trial game in which the player must quickly move a metal bar from start to finish without touching the walls of a narrow course about 1.5 cm wide. The accuracy of the robot's movements is remarkable, even in tight spaces and right-angled movements.

Cooperation : Chubu Systems Integrator Association (STARTECHNO)

This project is a competition to quickly and accurately wrap a hamburger in wrapping paper using a double armed robot. The key to success this project is to achieve both delicacy in handling soft foods and speed in wrapping them quickly.

Cooperation : Ito Electronics

You can play Othello Game against AI robots. There are 20 game levels to choose from beginner to advance. You can see the craftsmanship of the hand that turns Othello over in a single step and the collaboration with vision that allows accurate placement.