Held in the major industrial area 
“Central Japan”

This is one of the biggest B to B exhibitions in Japan held in “Central Japan”, an industrial area with a cluster of manufacturers. In 2020, approx. 200 companies (900 booths) were registered in the exhibition.

※The exhibition in 2020 was canceled to prevent the spread of infection of COVID-19.

While many companies refrain from business trips to prevent infection, the exhibition is held at a place closer to the sites of industry, so a better exhibition effect can be expected.

Specialized in 
industrial robots and automation systems

For better matching between visitors and exhibitors, the scope of the exhibition is specialized in “industrial robots” used on manufacturing sites and logistics bases, "devices and equipment" with industrial robots integrated in them, and "automation systems" using AGVs. A more effective exhibition can be expected.

can do

We will solve various issues concerning automation and labor-saving of production sites and logistics bases with you!

In addition to the exhibition zones of industrial robot bodies and their peripheral devices, dedicated exhibition zones for “robot system integrators” (Slers) who work with installation of robots on site and system construction will be provided. By exhibiting “how to use robots”, a place to discuss more concrete methods to introduce them will be provided.

For people who have following issues

How we should utilize robots in production sites in Japan that face labor shortages due to the declining birthrate and the aging population.

How to stabilize the quality of sites supported by craftsmanship.

How we should utilize the technologies of artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of things (IoT).

How to meet with system integrators that are best suited to production sites.