This corner is designed to deepen understanding of industrial robots through various games. "Through activities such as shooting competitions against robots and playing crane games with them, you can truly appreciate the accuracy and consistency of their movements. Let’s try experiencing it and discover the fascination of robots.

  • No reservations required. Reception is until 30 minutes before the closing time of the event (final reception at 15:30 on 7/6 (Sat.))
  • Even during the event period, reception is subjected to close due to circumstances beyond the organizer's control.
  • On Friday, July 5th, from 10:00 to 12:00, entry to the experience zone is not available due to a local elementary school tour.

For those who are considering introducing robots

Let's experience robots
by 8 systems!

The digital trainer developed by Sanmei Kiko is the system allows you to operate the digital robot with a pendant that is used for actual teaching. This system enables the training of robot technicians by allowing them to practice operating the robot as if they were actually operating it, without having to purchase the actual robot.

With this system, you can use a robot arm to reproduce letters and pictures written with the direct teaching function. Even those who are new to robots can feel that teaching is possible.

This is a time trial game between you and a robot. The player has to move a metal rod quickly from start to finish without touching the walls of a narrow path about 1.5 cm wide. The accuracy of the robot's movements is remarkable, as it not only moves at right angles, but also moves smoothly on a three-dimensional course.

This is a corner where you can have a shooting competition with a robot. Through the competition, you can experience the accuracy and repeatability of the robot's movements.

You can experience the operation of "Robot Trainer", an educational robot training device provided by local SIer BYNAS. This is ideal for those at the beginning of robot introduction, such as those who want to learn practical robot operation and those who have never operated a robot but are interested.

By wearing MR (Mixed Reality) lenses, you can see robots and machines on data in real space. Experience the next generation of on-site work, where reality and virtuality coexist.

This is a crane game. Your mission is to drop prizes by moving the arms of a dual-arm robot. You can feel that the robot can be intuitively controlled with a tablet instead of a dedicated teaching pendant.

A Frisbee-throwing robot and you can compete to see how many Frisbees can hit a target of varying heights. Discover the precision of the robot's movements and its maneuverability.