Application Procedure

Fill in all necessary items with an authorized signature on the application form (which also can be downloaded from the official site “”), and send it together with a business card of contact person to ROBOT TECHNOLOGY JAPAN Show Office at the following address by postal mail.

  • Please send the original form of the application to the following address and retain a copy on your side.

Send to



3-5-3, Uchiyama, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, 464-0075, JAPAN

Download Application Form
  • Personal information described on various notification forms concerning application and exhibition will not be used for other than this exhibition and related services.
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Application Outline

Application period

  • Even before the above closing date of application, acceptance of applications will be closed in the case where the originally prepared booth space has been sold out.

Schedule after closing of application


Various vertically articulated, horizontally articulated, parallel-linked, orthogonal and collaborative robots, Gantry loaders, AGVs/AMRs, Automated warehouses, Sorters, Materials handling equipment, Picking systems, Other logistics equipment, Various robot hands, Robot components, Peripheral devices, Various sensors and control equipment, Software, AI/IoT-related devices and systems, Robot-mounting machines and equipment, Automation technology proposals, etc.

  • Non-industrial robots like service robots and nursing care robots are out of scope of the exhibition. If exhibited products are not deemed to be suitable by the organizer, the application for exhibition may be rejected.

Booth Size and Fee

①Manufacturer/General Zone

Basic unit

1 booth(2,970 × 2,970mm)

Booth fee

340,000 yen+tax

20 - 39 booths

5-% discount of the exhibition fee

40 - 99 booths

10-% discount of the exhibition fee

100 booths or more

20-% discount of the exhibition fee

In the case of application for 20 booths or more in 1 place, the exhibition fee is discounted by the above percentages.

②SIer Zones

Basic unit

1 booth(2,970 × 2,970mm)

Booth fee

250,000 yen+tax

In this exhibition, dedicated exhibition zones to support SIers (system integrators) who work with installation of robots to the sites and system configuration will be provided in addition to Manufacturer/General Zone. SIer zone will be located separately from Manufacturer/General Zone. The booth size, incidental facilities, exhibition requirements, etc. are the same as those of Manufacturer/General Zone.

  • There are no discounts on exhibition fees.

Items included in booth fee

  • Exhibit space available during show period and move-in/out period.
  • Booth partition panel
    When your booth is adjacent to the one of another company, a booth partition panel will be provided between them as necessary (not installed on the side of the path). However, if a panel is installed, the space will be narrower by the thickness of the panel.
  • Exhibitor certificates valid during the exhibition period and the periods of move in and out of exhibited products
    (specified number of certificates according to the number of the exhibition booths)
  • Invitation cards (specified number of cards according to the number of the exhibition booths)
  • Exhibition information posted on the exhibitor list and the official website

Separate fees are required for the following other than the exhibition fee

  • Construction costs for electricity (including the charge), water supply and drainage, compressed air, communication line, and floor surface
  • Use of a meeting room, business negotiation room and stock room
  • Rental furniture such as desks and chairs
  • Special decoration, transportation, insurance, and so on
  • Other charged services provided by the organizer

After Applying

Payment for exhibit fee

Upon receipt of the exhibition application, the organizer will charge half of the exhibit fee to the applicant as an application fee. The applicant should pay the amount to the prescribed account number. On or after February, 2024, the organizer will invoice the applicant for the remaining half of the exhibit fee (the total minus the application fee). The exhibition contract will be formally concluded with the payment for the remaining exhibition fee completed.


Bank Account No.:520841
Bank name:MUFG Bank, Ltd. HIGASHI BRANCH
Bank address:15-30, Tokugawa 1-chome, Higashi-ku, Nagoya, Japan
Account holder’s name:NEWS DIGEST PUBLISHING CO.,LTD.


Within one month from invoice date

  • Payment shall be made only by bank transfer. The “bank transfer receipt” shall serve as your receipt. The bank transfer fee shall be borne by the exhibitors.
  • A handling fee of 5,000 yen will be charged when depositing from overseas.​

Cancellation or plan change request by applicants

Applicants wishing to cancel or change their exhibit space are requested to notify the Show Office immediately in writing. In the event of the cancellation or change of exhibit space after the closing date of application, the following cancellation fee or penalty charge will be demanded (For details, see the chart below).

Cautions for Exhibition

1. Decision of booth placement

Booth placement will be decided by the organizer by comprehensively considering the exhibition fields and configuration of the venue. Please note that the booth location cannot be specified. The arrangement plan will be notified in the exhibitor meeting to be held at the middle of March 2024. It is not allowed to transfer or rent spaces without permission of organizer.

2. Adjustment of number of exhibition booths

If the number of booths applied for exceeds the capacity of the venue, the number of exhibition booths will be adjusted by the organizer. Please note that application for exhibition may not be accepted in some cases. When the organizer adjusts the number of booths of the applicants, it will be informed in writing.

3. Demonstration

For demonstration of exhibited products, secure safety of the surroundings and pay attention not to disturb visitors or other exhibitors. If a demonstration causes damage to a third party, it shall be solved under the responsibility of the exhibitors. When the organizer considers it necessary, or for securement of safety, cancellation of a demonstration may be ordered.

4. Cancellation of exhibition due to natural disasters, epidemics or other force majeure.

If the organizer judges that it is difficult to hold the exhibition due to a natural disaster or other force majeure, the exhibition period may be changed, or the exhibition may be cancelled. Please note that the organizer will settle and reimburse the exhibition fee by subtracting expenses already generated but will not compensate for any damage caused by this.

5. Management and preservation of exhibited products

The organizer will strive for general management and preservation of the venue by placing security guards, etc. with the due care of a prudent manager. However, the organizer will not bear any responsibility for damage caused by a natural disaster, force majeure, theft, loss, etc. and will not pay compensation for it. The exhibitors shall take out necessary insurance or take other necessary measures to protect the exhibited products during their transportation, installation, assembly, and exhibition.

Download Application Form
  • Personal information described on various notification forms concerning application and exhibition will not be used for other than this exhibition and related services.
  • Acrobat Reader software is required to view PDF files. It can be downloaded here.