Access & venue

Registration & ticket

  • Entrance is free for overseas visitors, students and invited guests.
  • A visitor pass is required to enter the venue.
    Please register on the official website, print out the “visitor pass” in A4 and bring it to the venue.

Registration & Admission


Get the "visitor pass" by pre-registration Don’t forget to bring it to the venue

Please register on the official website. Print out the "visitor pass" sent by email in A4 after registration.

Pre-registration starts from May 10th!

Enter with "visitor pass"

Please bring the visitor pass on your visiting date. You can enter the venue procedur.

  • If you have an invitation ticket, please bring it.
  • The visitor holder is complimentary at the venue. The visitor pass is available through thye event.
Registration site

Only available in Japanese

About the venue

Aichi International Convention & Exhibition Center

Aichi Sky Expo

An international exhibition center with excellent access!

Robot Technology Japan will be held at Aichi Sky Expo (Aichi International Exhibition Center), the newest exhibition center in Japan. It is one of the largest exhibition halls in Japan with excellent access conditions (about 28 minutes by train and about 40 minutes by car from Nagoya).

Aichi Sky Expo is located in the area of CENTRAIR.

By train

It takes only 28 min. from Nagoya station!

Air port Express Train “μ-SKY”
Meitetsu Nagoya Station ⇔Chubu International Airport Station (The time it takes: 28 minutes/ One-way fare: 1,250 JPY ※May 2021)

  • If you take Airport Express Train “μ-SKY”, you will need a special ticket (μ-ticket, 360 JPY).
  • The amount of money inside ( ) is including the special ticket (Mu-Ticket: 360 yen per ride).
  • The time required is during the daytime.

By car

It takes only 40 min. by Nagoya city!

Nagoya city ⇔ Centrair Higashi IC (It takes 40 minutes.)


3400 cars can park in the parking lot for the exhibition hall

Aichi International Convention & Exhibition Center
5-10-1, Centrair, Tokoname-shi, Aichi, 479-0881 Japan