Reason to exhibit

An exhibition specialized in industrial robots and automation systems for the manufacturing, logistics, food, and packing industries will be held in Aichi, Central Japan!

Exhibition in industrial robots and automations system will be held in Aichi.
We would like you to promote the useful products for automation, labor-saving, and improvement of production efficiency in the center of manufacturing of Japan, such as manufacturing sites for automobiles and aircraft, food factories, and logistics bases.


Able to attract high quality visitors as the exhibition specializes in industrial robots and automation systems

Since the exhibition fields specialize in industrial robots and automation systems used in plants, B to B-oriented visitors with concrete purposes such as automation and labor-saving in plants will be attracted. You can get a superior exhibition effect compared with other similar exhibitions.

Targets of exhibition Robot manufacturers, peripheral device manufacturers, system integrators (SIers), trading companies, etc.

Industrial robots

Various industrial robots such as vertical articulated, horizontal articulated, parallel link, robots, and cobots / Gantry loaders / Various systems set on machine tools, food machines, packing machines, logistics machines, etc.

Machines related to industrial robots, automated equipment

Various robot hands / Controllers / Speed reducers / Various sensors / Measuring instruments / Inspection equipment / Automatic warehouses / AGVs / Rental / insurance, etc.

AI and IoT technologies

AI / IoT software and devices concerning automation / Controllers / Connection devices / Various information systems, etc.

Service robots, drones, etc.

Service robots for reception, security, nursing care, etc. and related service / Drones, etc.

Application example

Welding, polishing, handling, inspection, painting, burr removal, transportation, special work, taking out of molded items, assembly, soldering, power assisting, packing, cleaning, picking, systems for improvement of production efficiency and labor-saving, etc.


Direct promotion to manufacturing and logistics sites, etc. in “Central Japan”, the center of manufacturing

The Central Japan region is a major industrial area with a cluster of automobile manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, and Suzuki, as well as automotive component manufacturers including Denso and Aisin Seiki. It is also a center of the aerospace and machine tool industries. In addition to such markets, you can directly promote your latest products and technologies to food and medical industries, logistics industry, etc.


High attractive power cultivated in “MECHATRONICS TECHNOLOGY JAPAN (MECT)” with engineers
in the manufacturing industry in the center

Implementing a wide range of PR activities including newspapers, magazines, radio waves, websites, and transportation advertisements

With the visitors of “MECHATRONICS TECHNOLOGY JAPAN (MECT)”, one of the biggest machine tool exhibitions in Japan organized by our company, the registration information of people working in production bases of automobiles, aerospace, logistics, food, and general machines such as readers of “SEISANZAI (Production Equipment) Marketing Magazine”. In addition, we cooperate with the member companies of the Aichi Industrial Distributor’s Association (AIKIKO), the co-organizer of the exhibition, to form a system to actively attract visitors from the respective customer networks.

System to attract visitors

System to attract visitors

Fully utilizing various media as well

Fully utilizing various media as well


One of the biggest machine tool exhibitions in Japan. It is held in Portmesse Nagoya (Nagoya International Exhibition Hall) in autumn in odd-numbered years. It is one of the biggest machine tool exhibitions held in odd-numbered years. The first exhibition was held in 1987. Since then, it has been held 17 times. The number of visitors is more than 80,000 each time, and the exhibition in 2019 had more than 90,000 visitors.

Results of exhibition in 2019

Number of exhibitors

477 companies
organizations (1,941 booths)

Number of visitors

90,244 persons


A wide range of advertisements using the official medium “robot digest”

Collaboration with “robot digest”, one of the biggest media in Japan specializing in industrial robots actively advertising to 70,000 readers

We collaborate with “robot digest”, a web magazine that supports robotization and automation of production sites. As an official media, it will set out many plans to boost the exhibition on the website. “robot digest” is one of the biggest media in Japan specializing in industrial robots with approx. 70,000 newsletter subscribers. It will extensively feature the voices of companies that decided to participate in the exhibition, highlights of the exhibition, information of new products, technology trends, etc. to boost the exhibition. In addition, it also plans to work with the official website during the exhibition to introduce what is happening in the venue in real time.

About SIer zone

In this exhibition, dedicated exhibition zones to support SIers (system integrators) who work with installation of robots to the sites and system configuration will be provided in addition to Manufacturer/General Zone.

A low-cost package booth (booth size: 2m x 2m) to support small and intermediate SIers is also provided. Even those who are new to the exhibition can easily participate in the exhibition.

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