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RTJ is an exhibition specializing in industrial robots and automation systems,
which is held in the industrial center of “Chubu”.

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How we should utilize robots in production sites in Japan that face labor shortages due to the declining birthrate and the aging population.

How to stabilize the quality of sites supported by craftsmanship.

How we should utilize the technologies of artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of things (IoT).

How to meet with system integrators that are best suited to production sites.

Target of exhibits

RTJ2022 targets products specialized in industrial robots.

Industrial robots

Various industrial robots such as vertical articulated, horizontal articulated, parallel link, Robots, and cobots / Gantry loaders / Various systems set on machine tools, food machines, packing machines, logistics machines, etc.

Machines related to industrial robots, automated equipment

Various robot hands / Controllers / Speed reducers / Various sensors / Measuring instruments / Inspection equipment / Automatic warehouses / AGVs / Rental / insurance, etc.

AI and IoT technologies

AI / IoT software and devices concerning automation / Controllers / Connection devices/ Various information systems, etc.

Service robots, drones, etc.

Service robots for reception, security, nursing care, etc. and related service / Drones, etc.

About the venue

Aichi International Convention & Exhibition Center

ROBOT TECHNOLOGY JAPAN will be held at "Aichi International Convention & Exhibition Center (Aichi Sky Expo") Aichi Sky Expo is one of the biggest exhibition center in Japan with excellent access conditions.