The needs for robots have been increasing in a wide range of places such as production sites, logistics, and laboratories. Therefore, we decided to hold an exhibition specializing in industrial robots and automated systems in Aichi Prefecture, a center of manufacturing, to help promote the spread of robots. In this exhibition, a dedicated exhibition zone for “robot system integrators” (SIers) who work with installation of robots on site and system construction will be provided, in addition to exhibition zones of industrial robots and their peripheral devices. We will provide a place that allows you to imagine more concretely how to introduce robots, by providing not only an exhibition of robots themselves but also “how to use robots.”

The organizer will solve various issues with you concerning automation and labor-saving in plants. These issues include how we should utilize robots in production sites in Japan that face labor shortages due to the declining birthrate and the aging population, how to stabilize the quality of sites supported by craftsmanship, and how we should utilize the technologies of artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of things (IoT).

Representative of organizer

News Digest Publishing Co., Ltd.
President Hachiro Higuchi


Name of exhibition



Aichi International Convention & Exhibition Center


July 2nd (Thu.) ~ July 4th (Sat.), 2020 (3 days)

Opening hours

10:00 ~17:00

Entrance fee

1,000 yen for general domestic visitors / 500 yen for more than 10 visitors group
(Free for pre-registers, overseas visitors, students and invited guests)


News Digest Publishing Co., Ltd.


Aichi Industrial Distributor’s Association


Vertically articulated robots, Horizontally articulated robot s, Parallel-linked robots, Orthogonal robots, Collaborative robots, Other industrial robots, Gantry loaders, AGVs, Automated warehouses, Sorters, Materials handling equipment, Picking systems, Other logistics equipment, Hands, Robot components, Peripheral, Sensors and control equipment, Software, AI and Internet of Things related equipment and systems, Robot-mounted machinery and equipment, Automation technologies, etc.
※Non-industrial robots like service robots and nursing care robots are not included.


Welding, Polishing, Handling, Inspecting, Pain ting, Deburring, Transportation, Special operations, Demolding, Assembly, Soldering, Power-assisted, Packaging, Cleaning, Picking, Related systems of improvement of the production-efficiency and labor-saving, etc.